AAA-1 Roof Care protects your roof from weather damage, growths, and much more with state-of-the-art cleaning technologies. Call us today for a free estimate!


Our equipment is built to be as gentle as possible on every type of roof. We use the latest in pressure washing technology and our machines have a holding tank containing 55+ gallons of water. This is necessary in order to keep our machines from running out of water. We run a super high water volume machine (approximately 10-12 gallons per minute) with low pressure. Our work is effective and gentle on your roof.

Our air machine is a trailered in Commercial air compressor (185 CFM). This machine has a huge engine to blow hard enough to remove all of the debris on your roof. Unlike other roof tune up methods, this is the most thorough blow off available in the industry today.



Included in every estimate is ATCO clear Shakelast Preservative. This treatment is applied and effective on roof surfaces. The roof is vulnerable to attack by moss, mildews, fungus, and insects. Water-based ATCO Shakelast penetrates deep into material, carrying a copper naphthenate solution which prevents these deleterious effects. It also controls warping, swelling, shrinking, and end checking caused by changes in moisture. Treatment is particularly important in climates with high heat and humidity, on roofs of a low slope and roofs beneath overhanging trees.



Chevron Shingle Oil is a low viscosity (thin) oil designed for use as a shingle or shake dressing for shake roofs, wooden fencing, wood siding, and log homes. Chevron Shingle Oil penetrates the wood surface to enhance or replace natural oils and resins bleached out by exposure to sun and rain. Although Chevron Shingle Oil slows the aging process, it will not renew wood that is already weather damaged. Not to be used on flat surfaces such as decks.



Armor-TEC is a state-of-the-art treatment system for beautifying and protecting roofs infected with mosses, lichens, and algae. It was developed to provide homeowners with a reliable and lasting wood maintenance solution for cedar shake roofs. Armor-TEC has the ability to protect surfaces against water penetration, and eliminates and prevents the re-growth of mosses, lichens, mildew and fungus for up to five years. Likewise, asphalt shingle, tar and gravel, and tile roofs can be treated to naturally clear moss lichen and fungus.


Armor-TEC is a one-step treatment process that kills all growth. Within a few months, the dead former growth breaks down and is washed away by rainfall, resulting in a light, silvery gray appearance on cedar shake roofs. Our formula is applied in one application to kill, clean, and prevent the recurrence of moss, mildew, fungus, and lichen.

A new roof may need treatment in as little as six months from when it is constructed. If a roof is treated within 12 months from when it was constructed, it can eliminate some of the headaches for some time to come.


Armor-TEC is 100% environmentally friendly! It is water soluble, biodegradable, and does not contain solvents or toxic metals. Unlike resin-based treatments, it is not flammable. This is very important during the dry summer months. The product will not harm your lawn, shrubs, or animals.
After your roof is treated, you will receive a five-year warranty against moss re-growth on cedar shakes and cedar shingles (composition and tile roofs receive a three-year warranty). This warranty is transferable, should you sell your home.



Treatment is a water-based, multipurpose treatment for surfaces exposed to weather. Fields SW1 is one of the most versatile restorative products engineered from natural ingredients. Weather and biological growth are a continual source of attacks against roof surfaces and Fields SW1 is a great defense against these attacks. Fields SW1 is odorless, biodegradable, and nontoxic.



Roof sealant is a clear liquid application that is recommended on roofs that show exposed fibers, spores and/or damage cause by the roof being washed improperly or weathering/age. The sealant does not allow rain water to soak or penetrate through it so it will help keep the roof in a better condition to get the most years out of your roof. The sealant is applied to a clean roof surface and it keeps the roof clear of moss and fungus for longer. Sealer is an environmentally friendly treatment.


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